THE HEARTBROKEN mum of murdered vice girl Emma Caldwell has made an emotional plea for help to catch her daughter’s killer.

Margaret Caldwell was joined by Emma’s uncle Jim Coyle and a top investigator on BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow this morning.

She said the killer “must be found and brought to justice” for her daughter’s murder which remains unsolved more than 12 years later.

Emma was last seen in Glasgow on April 4, 2005 before her body was found five weeks later, 70 miles away in Lanarkshire woodland.

The 27-year-old from Erskine had been working as a prostitute to fund her drug addiction at the time of her death, and police re-investigating the case believe fellow sex workers could hold the key to solving the case.

Speaking through tears, Margaret said: “ Please help us as a family. Someone, please come forward.

“You’re out there. You know.

“This man is a danger to other women. He must be found.

“He must be brought to justice for Emma. We miss her so much.”

Emma’s uncle Jim said visiting the site where his niece’s body was found was “an unbelievable experience.”

He said: “You’ve got all these emotions going on in your mind about how terrified she must have been and what ordeal did she go through before this process.

“Your mind is just flooded.”

Detective Superintendent David McLaren, who is re-investigating the case for prostitutes working in Glasgow around April 2005 to get in touch.

He added that the 70 miles between where Emma was last seen in Glasgow City Centre and where her body was discovered was the “crux of this whole situation”.

He said: “How did a girl who is living in Glasgow ...end up so far away? We know it was unusual for people involved in prostitution to go so far away from the city.

“I am certain there are women out there who have been taken to that location or taken excessive miles outside Glasgow who have been involved in prostitution in 2005 or today.

“I would ask anybody out there who has any information to please get in touch with us.”

Contact police Scotland via 101 with any information.