A Clydebank woman has spoken of her terror after a taxi driver locked the doors and demanded she pay a higher fee or he would 'abandon her in Clydebank'.

Zoe Webb took to social media to share her ordeal after a taxi driver demanded a £30 fare for a prebooked taxi - despite his office confirming he couldn't charge over £20.

Ms Webb, from Neilston, posted videos of the conversation between the taxi driver, a City Cars operator and herself on Sunday night. 

The driver, known only as Safaa, demands Ms Webb pay an increased fare, however she insists the driver appeared to  “purposefully take her a longer route” and refused payment. 

An operator for City Cars can be heard advising the driver he could not charge the customer a £10 increase at the fair would remain at £20.

When Ms Webb refused to pay he threatened to drop her off in an area of Clydebank she was unfamiliar with. 

In a statement on Facebook which has been shared more than 8,000 times, she described how she had been left shaken up after the scary incident. 

She said: "I pre-booked a taxi yesterday afternoon and was quoted a price of £20 from Clydebank to Neilston.

“When he picked me up, I asked him if he would drop my friend off just round the corner, an extra £3 on the fare. After dropping off, he told me my overall fare would be £30. As heard in the videos, his office confirmed it was in fact £20 even with the extra drop off.

“After getting a bit heated, he threatened to drop me in the middle of Clydebank on my own, asked me to pay an upfront cost of £25 and again, as heard in the videos, the worst part was he physically stopped the car (multiple times), locked the doors and threatened to call the police if I didn’t pay the fare. Which as a result, the police were called.

“As a young girl who was on her own, I should feel safe in a taxi and trust that the driver will get me to my house however I am truly shaken up by what I experienced last night and for a few minutes during that taxi journey, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get home.”

She praised management at City Cars for their swift action after they received backlash on social media from Glasgow residents. 

A spokesman for City Cars said: “Management dealt with the incident immediately upon hearing the complaint and the driver no longer works for the company. We reported him to Glasgow City Council at the earliest opportunity and advised the customer to do so also.

“At the time of the incident the driver you can hear City Cars staff reminding the Driver of our strict policy of not allowing over charging and we are grateful to our controller for doing this, but the driver took it upon himself to attempt to violate this.

“City Cars do not condone the actions of this driver in this isolated incident.

“All City Cars drivers agree to and sign up to a strict code of conduct when joining the company which this driver disregarded with this act.

“We would again like to extend our apologies to Ms Webb, we have issued a full refund and we will work hard with our drivers going forward to avoid similar incidents.”