A YOUNG driver flew in to a fit of rage when a woman bashed his car at a supermarket car park.
Adam Fergusson started screaming at the woman in the Tesco car park at Parkhead in January last year.
The 24-year-old was sitting in his car when the door of the car parked next to his blew open and hit in to his vehicle. 
Fergusson then got out of the car and started shouting at the female owner of the other vehicle, who tried to apologise.
He shouted “I don’t f******g care if it was an accident” and started to move towards the woman, who was so terrified she got in to her car and locked the doors.
The yob then started punching the woman’s car, and she tried to get away by reversing out of the car park.
However Fergusson chased after her and while she was stopped at traffic lights he again started shouting, punching and climbing on the car and broke her windscreen wipers.
The driver, from Hardgate, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing this week.
His lawyer said he believed the victim had “collided with another car and this driver too was pursuing her” at the same time as his client was.
The solicitor said: “At some stage the red mist came down and he lost control and behaved in the way described. 
“In the cold light of day he realises that his behaviour was inappropriate and wrong.” 
Sentencing sheriff Brian Cameron told Fergusson he had anger problems, and he needed to deal with these otherwise he could find himself back in court.
However he decided to admonish him , meaning he will not face punishment although the charge will be on his criminal record. 
The sheriff said: “Given that your offence took place some 18 months ago, while it must have been a frightening experience, I’m dealing with you as a first offender.
“I’m going to put it down to the red mist coming down. “
“If you do not address this issue there is always the chance ythat you will reoffend.” 
Fergusson said he had already made an appointment with his GP in an attempt to get help for his issues.