UNCLAIMED stolen or lost bikes donated by Police Scotland are being given a makeover by veterans who are selling them back to the community to raise vital funds to help more war heroes.

The bike shed initiative is just one of many being run at the Coming Home Centre in Govan's Pearce Institute who recently launched an ambitious fundraising drive to allow even more veterans to benefit from the drop-in service.

The charity have signalled that they want to raise £150,000 to increase the number of veterans they help from over 350 to 500.

The money raised will also help with the bike shed initiative and other projects. It is hoped that veterans could be taught skills in bike maintenance to refurbish existing cycles and to help them look after their own.

Ex-marine Adam Edwards, who is Deputy Operations Manager at the charity, explained that the bike shed is run by Daniel Logue at present who is assisted by the veterans.

Adam said: "We want to start training veterans to work on bikes and the crowdfunding campaign is to help us with this.

"We are servicing bikes and refurbishing cycles which is benefitting people in Govan and beyond."

The bikes are sold for as little as £40 and a full service costing £60 is also on offer. Many of the bikes were lost or stolen and are handed over by Police Scotland after they passed the time period for the rightful owner to claim. Members of the public also donate bikes to the scheme.

Adam added: "Daniel runs the bike shed initiative and with his skills we can refurbish or service the bikes to make them safe for people to use. At the moment the veterans help him.

"But we want to expand that and we need to raise cash to do so."

The fundraising will also be used for the Coming Home Centre's other initiatives including the hot meals that are provided daily to veterans. The charity also has ambitions to launch a wilderness therapy project.

To donate and help veterans, visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-coming-home-centre/?