By Ron McKay

AN Irish gangster known as the Dapper Don who is the major supplier of cocaine to Scotland has taken sides in the decades-long Glasgow turf war that has seen a series of fatal shootings and knife attacks- reports the Sunday Herald.

Christy Kinahan, nicknamed for his suave good looks and scrupulous turnout as well as his crime credentials, has allied with the Lyons family in their battle with the rival Daniels mob in Glasgow.

In May, in the latest incident in this ongoing conflict, Steven “Bonzo” Daniel was ambushed in his car on a slip road to the M8 and savagely assaulted with knives and machetes – his injuries were so severe it was initially thought he had been shot.

The Don is head of the family’s international cocaine operation estimated to generate in excess of £500 million from marketing the drug here and throughout Europe. He is a convicted dealer who relocated to Puerto Banus on Spain’s Costa Del Crime more than 15 years ago after being released from prison.

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