A fancy dress party organised by a flute band in an Orange Order hall has caused outrage after it was won by a man and woman dressed as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun while two children wore rags branded with a yellow star-shaped patch like that which Jewish people were made to wear in Nazi Germany- reports the Sunday Herald

Another entrant to a previous year’s party organised by the same flute band dressed as the Pope and wore a noose around their neck, tongue lolling, to depict a hanging. One young competitor painted their face black and wore an afro wig, a straw skirt and bones around their neck. Two men also clutched a soft toy clad in a child-size Celtic football strip at their crotches – which is believed to be a reference to abuse by Catholic clergy.

The photographs posted on a public Facebook page designed to promote the activities of the Orange Order have been condemned as “hateful”, “racist” and “breathtaking in their ignorance” by the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, the Catholic Church, anti-sectarian charity Nil By Mouth and Legion Scotland, which represents veterans.

The Facebook page was removed last night but the photographs were passed to police and officers are now investigating.

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