THE Orange Order has not condemned images from a fancy dress party held by a flute band at an Orange Hall, branded “horrific” depicting Adolf Hitler.
Photos emerged on social media from a Hallowe’en party including a man and woman dressed as Hitler and two children wearing the yellow star Jews were forced to wear during the persecution by the Nazis and the holocaust.
Other photos show someone dressed as the Pope with a noose around his neck.
A Statement from the Grand Lodge of Scotland has criticised the reporting of the party.
The footage, revealed by our sister paper , the Sunday Herald, of a party at an Orange hall in Airdrie hosted by the Whinhall True Blues Flute Band has been labelled “grotesque” by a human rights campaigner and politicians.
Aamer Anwar, human rights lawyer, called on the Lodge to take action. 
He said: “I find this absolutely horrific – there is simply no space for this in the 21st century. It’s just grotesque.
“What kind of example are these people setting for their children? There should be utter condemnation of this.
“I’m one of those people who does not believe in banning Orange marches, but there is a real responsibility of those at the highest levels of the lodge to hold these members to account. Anything else is simply unacceptable.”
The Orange Order did not respond to calls for comment from the Sunday Herald and The Herald.
Instead a statement on its website said the media had a duty to be impartial or even handed.
It read: “The Grand Lodge executive and learned counsel are currently in the process of examining recent articles to see if there have been breaches of IPSO guidelines.
“We understand that the press has a role to play, but there is a difference between holding to account and pursuing a baseless agenda to attack and demonise our protestant culture and heritage.”
Glasgow SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter tweeted her thoughts to the photos and the response from the Orange Order. 
She said: “This misses the point in spectacular fashion. Someone put yellow stars on children for fun. 
“They should be horrified.”