We can all get a bit clumsy at times over something that distracts us. One Glasgow guy, however, took this to a whole new level in hilarious footage that’s emerged online.

Believed to have taken place in Bridgeton’s Main Street, a man emerges from an off sales, bag of messages in tow, when a young woman crossing the street catches his eye.

Getting a right good swatch, he walks smack dab into a traffic light pole, face pounding against it.

The force of the knock is so hard that he falls back, shattering his bottle of milk in the process as it runs along the pavement.

Springing to his feet and clutching his now undoubtedly bruised face - and pride - it’s back into the shop again to stock up on what was lost.

According to the timestamp on the screen, the footage was captured just after 2pm on Tuesday.

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The video was posted onto the Bridgeton Loyal Rangers Supporters Club Facebook page last night and has gone down a storm with users of the site, having garnered an impressive 170,000 views and thousands more in shares and comments.

The page seems to be on a mission to find out who the poor lad is as the post asks: “Who knows this fella happened in Bridgeton main street?”