DJ Suzie McGuire has hit out at a troll after staying silent for seven years amid “vile abuse from keyboard badasses.”

The former Radio Clyde presenter moved to address the issue after being called an “attention loving nasty wee women [sic]” by a Facebook user on Wednesday after the Evening Times wrote an article about her marking one year since being divorced from her abusive ex-partner.

In a lengthy post, in which she tagged the user over his controversial comment, the 47-year old told the man from Glasgow: “I don’t know you, and you definitely don’t know me.”

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She continued: “I’m neither ‘nasty’ nor ‘attention seeking’. I’ve reacted to nothing over seven years of vile abuse from keyboard badasses.

“All I did was seek a way out of a terrifying domestic situation which frightened the life out of my young children.

“I sought justice and got it when my abusive ex was indicted and convicted of numerous assaults by sheriff and jury.

Evening Times:

“The abuse didn’t end there and continues to this day, albeit not through broken bones and bruises any longer, but attempted emotional and mental abuse directed at myself, my husband, my children, and my mum who is 73.”

Suzie was making reference to January 2015 when her then husband, Derek Mitchell, 37, was handed a community sentence for assaulting her.

He had previously been found guilty of three assaults on the mother-of-four between May and December of 2011.

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On Wednesday of this week, Suzie celebrated her divorce from Mitchell one year to the day in an emotional post in which she said she has had the “happiest year of my life.”

In her response to the troll via the Evening Times Facebook page, the ex-DJ said: “If I met you in the street, you’d find me pleasant and friendly and wouldn’t dream of attacking my character in the way you and others deem acceptable online.”

She rounded off by saying: “I’ve ignored vile abuse for too long. Now it’s affecting my children.

“I say ENOUGH.”