A KNIFE-wielding thug was battered with a mop when he robbed his local off-licence, a court heard.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that 49-year-old Stephen Hoggan walked into One O One in Dyke Road, Glasgow, at closing time, with his hood up and a snood covering part of his face.

Shop assistant Cheryl Bradley recognised Hoggan as a regular and when she saw him go behind the counter, shouted: “Get away from there.”

Hoggan produced a knife and told her: “I want the f***ing money. Open the f***ing till.”

Prosecutor Owen Mullan said: “Ms Bradley told the accused he was getting ‘f*** all’ and began hitting him with the mop she was using to clean the floor.”

The court was told Ms Bradeley kept on hitting Hoggan and eventually he fled with two bottles of alcohol which he grabbed from a shelf.

In court Hoggan admitted robbing the store on April 4. He also admitted robbing another One O One in Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, the day before, at knifepoint and making off with £37.

Again he was hit with a mop by shop assistant Ellen Telfer while he grabbed money from the till.

Hoggan also admitted a third robbery at the One O One in Battlefield Road, Glasgow on April 5.

Mr Mullan said: “The value of the robbery was limited to a quantity of cigarettes and alcohol.”

The Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian, jailed Hoggan for five years and three months.