That Friday feeling is here and once again users on Twitter are debating the important things of weekend life - mixing vodka with Irn Bru.

Choosing your leisure-time tipple after toiling hard at work all week is a tough one and not to be taken lightly. 

The argument for and against the combo has raged for years on social media, but flared up again rcently as would-be-revellers planned their nights out. 

Evening Times:

Sweet nectar or spawn of the devil?

One Twitter user, @Tennantbabe1 posted her excitement about the concoction with a hilarious gif. 

But reaction hasn't always been as enthusiastic, @chloelogan_ posted a tweet that's received over 2,750 likes and been retweeted over 528 times. 

Here are some of our favourite tweets on the topic.

Cheers to whatever you're drinking this weekend!