A SHOCKED Greenock mum gave birth in a hospital car park - after facing a dramatic 20-mile race against time to get to a maternity ward.

Roslyn Cheevers, 23, today relived her frantic white knuckle ride from her home in Fancy FarmRoad to the Royal Alexandra in Paisley after realising her baby girl was not going to wait.

Little Millie arrived in a hurry - in the front seat of her mum's new car - on her due date.

Desperate dad Jamie was behind the wheel trying to drive to the hospital against the clock.

Now the couple are proud parents to both 18-month-old Jamie and six-day-old Millie, reports the Greenock Telegraph

Roslyn, a hair stylist, said: "When I think back now it was absolutely terrifying but I was just so determined to get to the hospital.

"The midwives were on the phone to me the whole time, telling me what to do.

"Every single traffic light was at red, the traffic was slow at Broomhill and there were even traffic police in the road.

"I shouted out the window for an escort but they said they weren't allowed!"

"My waters broke at Langbank and I thought, 'I am never making it'.

"The midwives told me to pull in at the Erskine Bridge.

"I could feel her head but I just wanted to get to the hospital.

"They told me not to push."

At the same time as talking to the midwives, Roslyn was also updating her stunned mum by text.

When Jamie pulled up at the RAH car park the couple last Saturday they were instantly met by a team of waiting midwives.

Millie was born straight away at 9.59am weighing a healthy eight pounds seven ounces.

Roslyn added: "The midwives said that doesn't happen too often, as people normally make it through the doors!

"My mum left her to work to come and meet us. All I could see was her running towards us crying!"

On the run up to Millie's dramatic arrival there were no warning signs.

Roslyn said: "There were no twinges the day before or anything.

"With Jamie I was two weeks early but I was in the hospital for 48 hours before he arrived, so I had been expecting something.

"But with Millie I woke up at 5.30am on the day and I was sick.  "I started to get pains about 7am, phoned the hospital and by eight they were starting to get more frequent.

"I went in a bath and then phoned back again.

"My contractions were every two to three minutes and they told me to come up.

"No one was ready and Jamie, being a guy, was going slow!

"We had to wait for his dad to come and look after Jamie.

"I shouted up the stairs that we had no time and the baby was coming.

"I knew she was on her way."

Jamie, 24, who works as an IT technician for Inverclyde Council, said: "I just kept on driving and trying to get there as quick as I could.

"Roslyn had just got a new car two days before and we took that to the hospital.

"I am so proud of Roslyn.

"I don't know how she did it with no pain relief or anything.

"She was upset as well because she didn't want to leave Jamie."

After Millie was born Roslyn was taken into the maternity unit and later on little Jamie came in to meet his wee sister.  She said: "It was amazing. He was so excited. I was allowed to go home later on that night. I expected I would be in overnight but all I wanted to do was go home. I feel brilliant and I have recovered really quickly."

Now the new family of four are busy settling in to their new routine.

Roslyn added: "Millie is a brilliant wee baby.

"I get more sleep now than I did when I was waiting for her to come.

"Her big brother loves her, he is so gentle and is always wanting to give her kisses.

"We knew we were going to have a wee girl and it's lovely dressing her in pink."