CAMPAIGNERS have blasted the manager of a city centre restaurant for allegedly intimidating female members of staff.

Betterthanzero, an action group who target Scotland's most exploitative employers, also hit out at the Italian eatery worker for supposedly being anti-Scottish.

In a now deleted Facebook post from today, they highlighted claims of intimidation and verbal attacks carried out in Via Italia, Hope Street.

They said: "We have now heard from several sources including customers, former and current staff that he likes to bully and victimise his workers.

"Reducing young women to tears with intimidation and verbal attacks." 

The post then went on to tell one of an alleged experience of a three-hour training shift at the Italian eatery.

It read: "The manager started shouted at the girls calling then "stupid" and idiots.

"He then went and started slamming his board in front of the girl while hurling abuse at her.

"The girls then told me how he takes them in the back individually up against a corner and shouts at them.

"He was walking about with a smug look on his face aware that he made all the girls upset and looked to be rather enjoying it."

The post added: "I overheard the manager talking to a customer about the girls saying they are all useless and pointing over to them and laughing.

"The manager unaware that I was in the next room stated yelling at the superviser about him hiring Scottish people, he doesn't like Scottish people and we are all "stupid" apparently.

"The manager went on a rant about how thick we all are and laughing away to himself."

There have since been reports that the manager has now been dismissed.

The Evening Times has asked Via Italia for comment.