FOOTBALLERS from Glasgow City FC have teamed up with a mental health charity.

Scotland's most successful female football team have partnered Breathing Space, Scotland's mental health phoneline, to promote positive messages about mental health.

The partnership means the team will promote the phone service on their kits, and spread the mental wellbeing message to fans and the wider community.

Club Manager Laura Montgomery said: “Mental health is everyone's business. Low mood, anxiety or depression can affect anyone in any walk of life.

"We need to continue to support those affected and let them know that help is available. Through our partnership with Breathing Space, players, staff and fans alike, have been encouraged to talk about their mental wellbeing and seek help for any issues that might be affecting them. We are honoured to help spread the message about Breathing Space and ensure as many people as possible know about the service."

Breathing Space is a national phone line which handles more than 6,000 calls each month.

The helpline is staffed by more than 40 trained advisors who take calls relating to a wide range of issues including relationship difficulties, loneliness, isolation, stress, anxiety and bereavement.

Tony McLaren, Breathing Space national coordinator, said: "We need role models in Scottish sport like these top female athletes to get across the message that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

"You can't be the best without making time for your mental health. Simple things like reading a book, meeting friends or taking some time out for exercise and fresh air is so important for your overall health."

Many people suffering from low mood and depression feel particularly bad in the evenings; as a result the helpline is open from 6pm to 2am Monday to Thursday and 24 hours at the weekend (6pm on Friday to Monday 6am).

Call 0800 83 85 87 or visit for further information.