AN exhibition has opened in Kelvingrove Art Gallery to mark the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence.

Shared History; Shared Future features a series of photographs taken in Pakistan illustrating the close links forged with the United Kingdom.

The exhibition was opened by Glasgow Lord Provost Eva Bolander who was joined by Jon Ryan, the British Consul to Pakistan.

She said: “Pakistan is our second biggest Commonwealth country and its men and women who chose to make their home here have made a positive contribution to our diversity, culture and cuisine.”

Greenock born Mr Ryan said the exhibition demonstrates the depth of relations between the UK and Pakistan over the last 70 years and showcases the people of Pakistan, their vibrant cultures and the country’s beautiful countryside.

He added: “The exhibition includes the Queen’s visits to Pakistan alongside images of schools and bridges built with UK aid.

“It celebrates 70 years of co-operation, co-ordination and friendship between the UK and Pakistan and our common commitment to continuing and strong future relationships.

“Glasgow has close links with its twin city Lahore which is Pakistan’s cultural capital and enduring military links which have given the people of Pakistan a passion for tartan and the bagpipes.

“More than 1.2million people in the UK have family links to Pakistan and there are around 10,000 British people in Pakistan helping strengthen our common bonds.”

The exhibition, which runs until December 12, has already been shown in the House of Commons as well as major cities across Pakistan.