FOR many of us, the daily commute is a necessary evil and not often easy. 

New research conducted by popular vehicle leasing company OSV, shows that the majority of commuters are irritated by their fellow travellers.

The results identified the different commuting personalities we encounter on our trip to and from work.

1. The First One On

Evening Times:

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Whether you are on a train or a bus, there is always that one person who will push their way on before the new arrivals have even had the chance to get off. Desperate for the best seat, probably so that they can put their bag on it.

2. The Phantom Litterer

Is there anything worse than sitting down only to discover that you are sat on a half-eaten McDonald’s, or that your tray has been stuffed with rubbish before being closed? After a long day at work or during an early morning start, it’s not what you want to experience.

3. The Audio Insensitive

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This commuter has their music turned up so loud that you wonder what the point of them wearing headphones is.

4. The Germ Sharer

Germs are not your friend, and those who like to openly cough and splutter on public transport don’t seem to have received the memo. Sometimes, we get caught without a tissue, but when you are constantly coughing and sneezing, it is only polite to cover your nose and mouth – not everyone wants to share germs.

5. The Chatty Stranger

Evening Times:

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Sometimes, it’s nice to make friends with strangers on public transport, but most of the time you just want to be left alone. Commuting is often the only time you get to yourself, and lots of commuters find those incessantly chatty strangers a bit annoying.

6. Pungent Foodies

People who eat on public transport frequently offend and irritate lots of fellow commuters. The smell from whatever they are snacking on can often stink out an entire carriage or bus.

7. The Aromatic

There really is no polite way to explain this character, it’s the person that no one wants to be stood near or sat next to because they stink. 

8. The Phone Zombie

Evening Times:

This commuter is so glued to their mobile phone that they are oblivious to their surroundings.

9. The Forgetful One

We all hate those people who seem to forget what an indicator is, and we are often left wondering how they passed their driving test in the first place. Oh how we wish that these drivers would rediscover this nifty and informative piece of equipment.

10 The Slow One

Evening Times:

There is nothing wrong with 20mph zones, but for those who get stuck behind the snails that like to go at 10mph in them, frustration is the word of the day. Even worse, are those who go 50mph on the motorway in the fast lane and nearly cause an accident.

11. The Lane Hogger

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Sticking to the middle lane is the most infuriating motorway habit. These people have no intention of moving into the fast or slow lane, and instead just sit there, not allowing other cars to pass them safely. 

12. The Harsh Braker

Evening Times:

("A welcome sign of Glasgow West End self-awareness," says postcode aficionado and The Herald Diary contributor David Belcher)

We’ve all seen it. Driving along the road at a normal speed and then suddenly the person in front slams the brakes on because they have seen a speed camera ahead. 

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