A ROGUE driver went on the run after crashing a stolen car in to a row of parked vehicles.

David McGibben, 30, nabbed the car from the city centre and ploughed it in to three cars.

McGibben appeared from Barlinnie before Sheriff Cameron at Glasgow Sheriff Court this week.

He pleaded guilty to two charges at trial, following the incident on September 7 2014.

A court heard it was around 11.30am when the car owner had parked the vehicle on West George Street, locked and secured it.

When she came back around 9pm that night it wasn't there.

Police visited her at 3am the following day and told her the car had been found on Ashgill Road.

The procurator fiscal said:" At around 9.30pm the3 accused was observed driving erratically on Ashgill road.

" He was swerving al over the road, driving and crashing in to a row of parked cars."

After crashing in to three cars, McGibben got out and ran off, ending up at a nearby petrol station where he said that police were looking for him after he crashed a car.

Officers were called and he was arrested.

Sheriff Cameron ordered McGibben to spend 160 days behind bars for his actions, and disqualified him from driving for 21 months.

He must also sit and pass the extended test before being allowed to drive again.