Dozens of homeowners in Glasgow are waiting for compensation for mis-selling of energy products from nuisance calls an MSP has said.

Ivan McKee Provan SNP MSP said people were mis-sold cladding and solar panels after they were “plagued” by phones calls to sell the products through the Green deal energy initiative.

The MSP welcomed the £50,000 fund to install call-blocking technology for those most at risk from nuisance calls, but warned people to be vigilant.

Official statistics show Glasgow has the highest rate in the UK of calls which have been classed as nuisance with more than half of all incoming calls falling foul.

Of almost one million calls to homes in the city around 500,000 were nuisance calls.

The MSP said he fears hat firms have been selling phone numbers on to other companies to perpetuate the misery of cold calling

Mr McKee said the Green Deal energy scheme was one which people in the east of the city were bombarded with sales calls.

He said: “Nuisance calls are synonymous with scamming. Companies prey on the vulnerable.

“No one knows this more than my constituents who are still suffering having been mis-sold cladding and solar panels by unscrupulous companies who plagued them with calls under the UK Government’s failed Green Deal initiative.

“More than 50 households are still waiting for acknowledgement and compensation from the UK Government for its culpability in this scam”.

He called for the UK Government to take action as well as the Scottish Government announcement on call blocking technology.

He added: “This clampdown is very timely. We have strong reason to believe that some of those same companies sold names and numbers of my constituents on and now a new generation of cold callers are plying their trade on Glasgow’s householders”.

Mr McKee urged people to be on their guard when they get a sales call but said that the responsibility for legislation on communications lies with Westminster.

He added: “However, it is positive to see the Scottish Government taking action where it can, and we’ll continue to press the UK Government to take greater action to reduce nuisance calls in Glasgow and across Scotland.”

“This fund will ensure those most at risk from these calls can get the protection they need and call-blocking technology can be installed.”

In 2015 Glasgow Home Energy and Lifestyle Management Ltd was fined £200,000 for breaching regulations on automated calls. The firm was authorised under the Green Deal initiative.