Ex-Glow star turned comedian James English revealed details of his love life with new girlfriend Kerry Katona. 

The possil man joked that his new relationship is just 'casual sex' and he is just 'using her to get somewhere' during a bizarre interview.

Appearing on Ewen Cameron's Late Show, he revealed how he met the former Atomic Kitten star and how she has helped him stay clean. 

Speaking to Camerer about their relationship he said: “It’s a good thing we’ve got-  a bit of casual sex. That’s all it is.”

Asked if he felt under pressure about being in a famous couple he joked: "She's more famous than me, I'm just using her to get somewhere."

However James quickly admitted he has fallen in love with Katona after meeting her at an Atomic Kitten gig. 

James also revealed he struggled with drink and drug addictions and is now clean after changing his life around at 30. 

He revealed Kerry, who has also suffered from her own addictions is a great help to him to keep him on the straight and narrow. 

He said: "The situation is we've both had addictions and we bounce off each other and help each other."

"Kerry has helped me very well in coming clean. She's had addictions. She's a bit f***ed up as well. For me that's the attraction. That shows strength for me."