A WOMAN was left ‘lifeless’ on the floor of her home after a vicious attack at the hands of her son.

Scott Hamilton assaulted his mother leaving her so badly injured she had to spend the night in hospital.

Hamilton woke up and began drinking alcohol at their home on Mossvale Road, Craigend on June 25.

After consuming the booze, he left the house by scaling the veranda, where he was seen by witnesses walking past.

Later in the day, a witness was inside her home when she heard banging on the door and 19-year-old Hamilton shouting for his mother to let him in the property.

He was heard calling her a “cow” and threatening to kick the door down.

When he eventually got inside the house, he kicked and punched his mum who was heard shouting for him to “get off”.

Witnesses saw Hamilton outside of the house with what was described as “lots of blood” on his hands.

Emergency services who were called to the scene, noted blood on the door and letter box.

Inside they saw the scenes of a disturbance and the Hamilton’s mum lying lifeless on the floor.

She was taken to the Royal Infirmary where she was treated for severe tissue damage on her face, a three centimetre laceration to her ear which required to be glued and bumps and bruises to her torso. She was kept in overnight.

Hamilton appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to the assault.

The court heard how he had experienced custody for the first time after the incident and had no recollection of the attack. Following it, he was not allowed to see or contact his mother but they have since rebuilt their relationship and she attended court with him.

Sheriff Gerard Bonner told Hamilton that there was no doubt in his mind that custody would be appropriate. He added that taking account of his mum’s position, there was an alternative.

Hamilton was ordered to undertake 300 hours of unpaid work within a period of nine months and will be under the supervision of the social work department for two years.