SHERIFF officers are now chasing a business for a bus lane fine which was incurred after they were called out by police to remove a body during the day of a city centre bike race.

MGC Reparation Services received a letter from sheriff officers and debt collection firm Stirling Park after Glasgow City Council passed on the outstanding fine.

The Carluke-based company have now been told that if the fine of £90 is not paid in seven days - the sheriff officers will arrests funds in the bank account.

Marshall Carr, who runs the firm, said: “This has been going for a year now and around four months ago, I was doing a similar police job in East Kilbride.

“I had to park the private ambulance in a way which resulted in me receiving a ticket from South Lanarkshire Council.

“But as soon as I told them what I was doing, they admonished the ticket.

“So why is Glasgow City Council chasing this money when South Lanarkshire Council wrote the ticket off? That is what your dealing with.”

Mr Carr has been hounded for over a year by the city council to pay the fine which he has been fighting since driving the private ambulance in the bus lane in Cathedral Street on September 14, last year.

We previously reported that the company was asked to collect the body ahead of last year’s Pedal for Scotland event which saw streets cordoned off.

Mr Carr claimed he was told to go along the bus lane by police.

He subsequently received a notification of the fine from the local authority which advised that he must pay £30 because he drove on the bus lane.

That fine has since increased to £90 due to failure to pay within the timescales.

Now it has been passed on to sheriff officers to deal with.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “We received no evidence from Mr Carr in support of his claim that Police Scotland gave permission to use the bus lane.

“As a result the case is now with debt recovery and can’t be appealed.”