Kieran Tierney did not let anyone down with his performances on the the right-hand side for Scotland.

But I do think that what we have seen from him playing out there is that he is much more natural on the left.

There are some guys who can play either side and are very comfortable on both - Danny McGrain was pretty outstanding at going seamlessly between the two - but I do think that Kieran is far better, at this stage in his career, staying on the left.

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That is not to criticise because his performances were strong in both games and it says a lot for him that he was prepared to go out in international football and play on his weaker side.

I understand the thinking in that there is a desire to accommodate both Andy Robertson and Tierney but I just wonder if there is a possibility to play both on the same side, with Robertson in a more advanced position.

That may have to be a consideration going forward.

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As Tierney progresses he may well become a natural central defender in the later stages of his career, but for now he belongs on the left where it looks very natural.

That may give rise to a problem on the right for Scotland, However, while it is early days yet I wonder if Anthony Ralston could end up on that other flank as the next campaign starts to build.