Two Glasgow tower blocks with ‘Grenfell style’ cladding have been put on a round the clock fire safety watch.

Property factors at the sites, understood to be in the Glasgow Harbour development, have put in place a 24/7 on site patrol and increased concierge and security services with three people per building across different floors.

Residents have also been told to evacuate in the event of a fire.

The advice is contrary to the usual high rise policy of staying put unless the fire is on your floor.

The Scottish Government confirmed an update of the safety situation at the two blocks and talks will take place to remove the cladding form the buildings.

A total of 24 blocks were found to have the ACM cladding, similar to that used in Grenfell Tower which is believed to have caused the fire to spread upwards from the fourth floor killing around 80 people in June.

The council said 22 are considered low risk and the extend of ACM is limited

The housing Minister Kevin Stewart has written to the Local Government Committee informing it of the latest situation.

He said sections of cladding were removed and tested by Edinburgh University and were found to be a “lesser fire resistant type of ACM”.

Mr Stewart said immediately following the test results Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Glasgow City Council and the building factors put in place interim fire safety measures.”

He said they included an increased fire service response to any major incident to six fire engines and one high reach vehicle.

He said “residents have been told in the event of a fire they should stay evacuate the building rather than stay put.”

He added: “Glasgow City Council officials are clear that the safety of residents in these buildings is a priority.

Glasgow City Council see the fire safety measures being taken at present as an interim measure, and will seek to reach agreement with owners and factors on the removal and replacement of the material used in the cladding system.”

The cladding issue came to light after an official of the council told the committee last month that there were dozens of private developments in the city with some level of ACM cladding.

The council was asked by the Scottish Government after the Grenfell disaster to check records of all private housing developments over 18 metres high for evidence of ACM cladding.

The council had already confirmed to the government that there was no social housing tower blocks in the city with ACM cladding.