THE WIFE of Rangers star Kenny Miller broke down as she told a court she was battered in a brawl after her husband was taunted over losing an Old Firm Derby.

Laura Miller, 29, said she was left with footprints on her face and scarring after being attacked at Da Luciano's restaurant in Bothwell, Lanarkshire.

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Mrs Miller said she had been with her husband after he played in a 5-1 defeat for Rangers against Celtic in September last year.

She said the couple had been in Da Luciano when trouble flared after a man told her to 'ask Kenny what the score was'.

Mrs Miller said she pleaded with her husband to leave the venue fearing an incident but that he preferred to wait on their friend William Steele who was picking them up.

But she claimed violence erupted after when a woman with links to Da Luciano, Stacey O'Donnell, clashed with her.

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Mrs Miller was giving evidence at Hamilton Sheriff Court where Steele, 36, has denied being in possession of a knife in September last year in Bothwell.

Steele, of Eaglesham, also denies allegations he behaved in a threatening and abusive manner while brandishing a blade.

Mrs Miller told the trial: "I'm married to Kenny Miller, he is a footballer for Rangers.

"I've known Billy for eight or nine years now, his wife is my best friend.

"On the day in September I was out during the day with the girls from the football, Kenny was playing that day.

READ MORE: 'I'm here for Kenny Miller': Man cleared of £95,000 extortion plot following row with Rangers star and his wife

"We had arranged to meet up after the football near our house and we were going to be staying at our friend's house.

"I was meeting Kenny in Da Luciano's in Bothwell but we don't go there regularly.

"We were going to be staying at Tracy-Ann and Billy's house, Billy was going to pick us up.

"I had been drinking that day but I don't drink much.

"I met Kenny and he was with a friend, Alan McRae and his wife Donna.

"We weren't in for long and I was chatting to Kenny and noticed there was a girl I knew sitting so I went over and spoke to her.

"Her boyfriend came over and started making comments and was asking me to go and ask Kenny what the score was that day.

"I went over and said to Kenny that it was ridiculous and that there was no point in us being there.

"I can't even remember the score that day but definitely know Rangers didn't win.

"Kenny said to me that Billy was coming in 10 minutes time so we should just wait.

READ MORE: 'I'm here for Kenny Miller': Man cleared of £95,000 extortion plot following row with Rangers star and his wife

"Stacey O'Donnell and her boyfriend came over and things happened, after that there was no way we could have stayed.

"Her boyfriend was asking Kenny to go outside and that he was going to do things so we got up and left the restaurant."

Mrs Miller told the court a 'complete rammy' then erupted outside the venue before Steele arrived.

A tearful Mrs Miller added: "I was injured, I had a scar on my face, footprints on my face and my leg and my head was cut.

"Kenny was there at that point but it all happened really quickly.

"Almost straight away Billy arrived, it wasn't long after Kenny had helped me up and we were making steps to get away.

"Billy got out the car and I was a few steps away, he said 'what has happened to you?' before I got in the car with Kenny and we left.

"Billy didn't walk towards anyone and the only person he spoke to was me.

"He absolutely did not have a kitchen knife in his hand and was only there for a couple of minutes.

"Billy was shocked and kept asking me what had happened to me, even though he was not aware I had injuries.

"I'm not here to do Billy a favour I'm here to tell the truth."

Allegations Steele, 36, demanded £95,000 in cash from two men following the alleged bust-up have been dropped by prosecutors.

Further allegations that he threatened to stab Stacey O'Donnell, 28, and her father Hugh, 60, were also dropped.

THE trial later heard Kenny Miller, 37, say his wife Laura was 'dragged' about outside Da Luciano's restaurant in Bothwell, Lanarkshire after trouble erupted.

He said: "As a result of the incident inside we decided to leave Da Luciano's.

"Laura was not injured inside but after what happened outside she was injured.

"She had a cut above her eyes, her arms and legs were grazed, bruised and scraped as a result of getting dragged about a car park."

MIller told the court close friend Steele then arrived but denied he was seen brandishing a knife outside the venue.

The striker told jurors Steele arrived five minutes after Laura was attacked and they left to go to Steele's Eaglesham home, which Miller owns.

He said: "We then got collected by Billy about five minutes later.

"He saw my wife's eye was cut and went to speak to her, he opened the back door and she jumped in.

"He had his car key in his left hand because he shook my hand with his right hand when he came out the car.

"He asked if I was ok, I jumped in as well and we left. He was there for 30 or 40 seconds.

"I saw what happened to my wife and know who was responsible, of course I was upset about it, what man wouldn't be?

"I have a decent memory to be fair so I have a decent recollection of what went on, he absolutely did not have a knife and everything I have said has been the truth."

The trial continues.