If there’s one thing Glasgow is know for the world over, it’s for telling it like it is. And that’s definitely what one shop window sign has been proving this week as it goes viral.

Apparently snapped in the window of a city business, the notice has had the internet in fits of laughter. It simply - and honestly - reads: “Away for a s***e - back in 5 mins.”

It was posted online by an ultra-right Twitter user who accompanied the photo with the caption: “Spotted in Glasgow store window…”

Evening Times:

Many have expressed how “honesty is the best policy” after all.

The snap was originally taken back in July by user Colin Lowden who flagged it up with BBC Radio 2 journalist Jeremy Vine.

Evening Times:

However, as with such posts, Vine remained rightly cautious as he later added: “IF this was indeed seen in Glasgow, as claimed by [Colin Lowden], it only increases my love for the city.”

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