By Maxine McArthur

A JEALOUS ex lover travelled more than 200 miles to Dumbarton and threatened to use a knife in a “chilling” bid to get back together with his former girlfriend.

Levi Cull boarded a train from his home in Bolton and began to bombard his ex with messages on social media to inform her of his arrival, after she returned to Scotland following the break-up of their 18-month relationship.

The 20-year-old creep showed up outside her work on Dumbarton’s High Street at 12pm on September 2 and stood there until she went on her lunch break two hours later.

He then furiously demanded to see her phone to check if any other men had contacted her, snatching the mobile from her hands after she refused.

But when she eventually calmed him down, he said: “I’ve brought a knife, I will come into your work and use it.”

Cull then rejected a call from the victim’s manager to her mobile phone and told her she could return to work to complete her shift.

But he then refused to give the phone back to her – insisting that he would wait for her to finish work.

The woman called her uncle once she returned to work, who arrived shortly after and challenged Cull about his claims of having a knife to which he replied: “I don’t actually have one, I just said that to scare her.”

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court Sheriff Ferguson said “It’s really quite chilling. She must have been quite distressed.

“For sure, it reaches the custodial threshold. There’s no doubt about that.”

Cull’s solicitor Jonathan Paul earlier said his client had acted in an immature manner but believed he was not a threat to the victim given the distance between the duo’s homes.

Sheriff Ferguson said: “He [Cull] received a substantial prison sentence when he was just 16 and that’s going to happen again unless he gets a grip.”

Cull was sentenced to 12 months supervision and ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work within six months.

He was also issued with a non-harassment order for two years.

The orders will be transferred to Bolton.