ON the streets around Queen Street station, people were largely supportive of the taxi drivers' plight with a lack of ranks.

Eilidh Dolan, 20, of Battlefield, said the ongoing work was causing problems for people finding taxis.

She said: "The work has made it hard for people to cross the street and I haven't seen any signs to show tourists where the taxi rank is and they are getting lost.

"I guess they have to do it if it's necessary but they maybe should have thought of better signage."

Sixty-one-year-old Mark Dixon, of Cumbernauld, said it was causing issues but the new station would be an improvement.

He said: "It is more awkward now to access the station because no one knows what's happening or where to go now that the rank has moved. It's an inconvenience but I don't have a choice and need to deal with it, in the long run it will be worth it."

Eighteen-year-old Emily Henaghen, of Clydebank, agreed.

She said: "I've noticed when I've been driving through that the taxis have been causing a traffic problem.

"It will definitely cause a problem if it will be like this for a long time, but I think it could be worth it in the end because it will be better for the station."

Taxi driver Charles Wiggins, 64, from Gatharmlock, said they were being forced to drive around George Square several times before they can pick passengers up.

He said: "The abuse that taxi drivers are getting from traffic wardens is ridiculous with the way they are talking to us.

"It's affecting business and the emissions from the cars aren't good for the environment. We have to drive round George Square a number of times before we can pick people up."

He said people were coming out of the station with suitcases and were having to cross the road repeatedly.

He added: "They have to cross the road three times because they can't find the taxis, as soon as we stop to try and pick them up the wardens are banging on our windows and telling us to keep moving."