AN ATTENTION-SEEKER found herself in the dock for repeatedly telling porkies to the police.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Marjorie Welsh admitted falsely representing to two constables that she witnessed a robbery on May 27 this year.

The fiscal depute told the court that the accused was found to be lying after the cops checked CCTV and made enquiries.

When she was cautioned and charged for temporarily depriving the public of police services, Welsh admitted: "Two words – it's wrong."

The 42-year-old, of Baltic Street, also pleaded guilty to repeatedly calling 999 and 101 on July 21 and 22 this year to report that she had been assaulted by another woman. She also pretended that a female known to her was at her home address in breach of bail conditions.

Officers were advised that Welsh had made up the claims, which was confirmed after an investigation. The accused later came clean to her lies.

Welsh's defence lawyer stated: "There's a mental health background here."

The accused was said to be in need of support to battle depression and suicidal thoughts. Welsh told her lawyer that she made the false claims because she "appreciates the attention".

Sheriff Campbell handed Welsh a structured deferred sentence. For six months the accused will have to engage with the Criminal Justice Social Work department and stay out of trouble. She will return to court in May.