THIS is the moment a dance-off breaks out in the city centre during an impromptu street party.

Hilarious footage of revellers congregrating on St Vincent Street last night to show off their dance moves has been shared online.

The video, uploaded by Twitter user @caarlymcneil shows revellers busting their best moves as music plays from a ghetto blaster and speakers.

The clip, which was uploaded last night by an onlooker, shows a number of people dancing before passersby take notice and join in.

Partygoers are seen dancing to the Cha Cha Slide and Bits n Pieces among other hits as they jump onto buildings and cartwheel across the pavement.

Us Weegies are known for throwing a good dance off whatever the occasion, as we previously reported on a busker's impromptu gig becoming a full on street party.

And late night street parties seem to be becoming the norm after nights out in the city as a similar dance off took place on the nearby Renfield Street on another weekend.