This is the moment a car reversed into a van at a red light in High Blantyre. 

Dashcam footage of the incident, described as a 'scam', was published by a relative of the van driver and has been shared on social media in an attempt to locate the car driver who reportedly gave false details after the crash.

Credit: Michelle Seaton Oetegenn/Facebook

In the clip, the van driver can be seen approaching a dark blue volkswagon beetle stopped at a red light.

The van driver stops behind the car stationary in traffic.

The driver of the volkswagon beetle then puts their car into reverse and slams backwards into the front of the van.

The driver and a passenger can then both be seen exiting the vehicle to exchange details.

However, in a post sharing the dashcam footage and details of the incident, a relative of the victim asked the public to help identify the couple after they reportedly handed over false details. 

A check of the registration plate on the vehicle also showed it has not been taxed since 2015. 

The post said: "Does anyone this couple, reversed into my dads car in high Blantyre..... appears to be scam.... wrong details given to my dad by the couple...."

The post has been shared 1,400 since being published 16 hours ago.

The incident has been reported to police