A GRANDMOTHER who pocketed £33,000 of her dead mother’s pension for six years after she died will spend Christmas in jail.

Gladys McKenna, 62, continued to take pension payments paid into her mum, Jane Love’s bank, after the woman died in 2010.

She carried on the deception despite being asked to confirm in 2015 if her mother was still alive and returned forms claiming that the pensioner was.

But, in January 2016 when more paperwork failed to be returned to the pension provider, the payments stopped and were investigated.

After pleading guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court, to committing the fraud between April 2010 and January 2016, McKenna was sentenced to 14 months behind bars.

Passing sentence on Thursday, sheriff Alan MacKenzie said: “I recognise that it was all too easy given your restricted financial circumstances to drift in to this ongoing deception over a number of years.

“However, I consider that the gravity of what you have pled guilty to is such that no disposal is appropriate other than custody.”