By Paul Fisher

FLY-TIPPING at one of North Ayrshire’s best-known spots has been linked to Glasgow after an investigation.

North Ayrshire Council’s fly-tipping team said they carried out a ‘thorough investigation’ on extensive amounts of rubbish and waste dumped within the park, including within the car park.

One local resident, who spoke to our sister publication, the Ardrossan and Herald, said it was becoming a regular ‘blot on the landscape of the park’.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It really is a shame that people seem to want to spoil it for others.

“What if they decided just to close the gates, that would ruin it for generations to come. It is a beautiful site but someone is going to spoil it for the communities and people that use it.

“It looked like the rubbish was from a house or garage that has been revamped but if they have traced someone for it, that’s good.”

The council recently introduced a specific post for dealing with fly-tipping and they say it has been a massive success since it started.

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “We were notified on Tuesday and following a thorough investigation have found evidence linking the offence to an address in Glasgow and enforcement procedures have started."