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Glasgow City Council is ready to help save Hampden as the home of Scottish football.

The council leader has held talks with the SFA over the future of the stadium as the football bosses consider leaving.

An SFA decision on whether to renew the 20 year lease on the national Stadium is due next year.

The SFA board is meeting in the next few days to discuss a report on the options which include moving matches to Murrayfield, Celtic Park or Ibrox.

The implications for the national stadium and Glasgow have been made clear to the SFA and the council if the stadium is lost to the city.

The council has said its position is that Hampden is retained.

Council leader, Susan Aitken, said that she is willing and ready to offer support but the SFA must come up with a vision for the stadium and it is believed issues like ownership may have to be explored.

The Evening Times has launched the Save the Hampden Roar campaign highlighting the importance to Glasgow and Scotland of the national stadium and business leaders have outlined the economic benefit to the city provided by Hampden.

Ms Aitken, said: “The economic, historic and social case for the National Stadium to retain its Glasgow home of 115 years is compelling.”

The council is not standing by with a rescue package but instead will help support any viable SFA plans.

Ms Aitken added: “As a result of these discussions Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life have agreed to be part of a working group to explore any options brought forward by the SFA for Hampden’s future and where it can bring added value to the city.

“We will provide logistical support where required but ultimately the vision for a sustainable future for Hampden is for the SFA, Hampden Park Limited and Queens Park Football Club to develop.

“We are confident we can work within the SFA’s time frames and look forward to discussing the options which come to the table as we together seek a positive outcome for Hampden and its role in the city’s economic, sporting and cultural life.”

The SFA said it was meeting with all relevant bodies before arriving at a decision.

While the council is willing to offer support it will not hand out cash without a solid vision.

A council source said: “It’s obvious that if the SFA wants any tier of government involved it’s got to develop a new vision for Hampden. If the public purse were to be of any assistance, Hampden’s custodians would have to demonstrate where the public benefit is.”

“We’re a prisoner to every pound.”