A website that shows Scotland's gritters out and about on the roads has been leaving social media users in chuckles this week.

Transport Scotland's Trunk Road Gritter Tracker gives the site's users regular updates on the location of vehicles on the nation's main roads.

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However, its the wacky names given to the vehicles that have left social media users in stitches, namely Sir Andy Flurry, Gritty Gonzales, Sir Salter Scott - and even Gritallica. 

One Twitter user to have brought the site to the public's attention was @tomhouslay.

He wrote: "If you haven't explored the names of gritter lorries in Scotland before, get on [the site]."

He added: "#SirSalterScott#GrittyGrittyBangBang."

Sadly, some have been given not-so-interesting names, like Gritter, Jack - and even Fred.

Heavy snow, rain, thunderstorms and wind have caused disruption across much of Scotland this week as the country is gripped by another spate of wintry weather.

Glasgow saw the biggest snowfall in the UK, with more than 10cm recorded in Bishopton - forcing the city's airport, one of Scotland's busiest, to temporarily suspend flights.