WE issued a call to action... and readers are already responding.

The Evening Times has launched its #spothole campaign, asking you to tell us where the worst potholes in the city are found.

We want Glasgow City Council to up its game and make sure roads are safe for Glasgow motorists and their vehicles.

Yesterday reporter Jack Haugh travelled to hotspots highlighted by you to check out the issues on our roads.

The loudest call came from readers living on the city's South Side.

Jack visited Minard Road, Merrylee Road, Cathcart Road at the junction with Prospecthill Road and the junction of Govan Rd and Paisley Road West after angry tip offs from readers.

The extent of Glasgow's pothole problem became clear after spending the better part of an afternoon driving across the city.

From the city centre to the South Side, the roads are littered with ever growing craters that are proving more and more dangerous for road users.

This was no more apparent than on Clarkston Road, near the turn off to Merrylee Road, where a particularly deep pothole caused some drivers to take evasive action.

One of the worst affected roads was Merrylee itself, which seemed to be more pothole than smooth surface.

It's little wonder, with recent figures saying the number of potholes reported to the council has risen by 272 per cent year-on-year, that many motorists are calling on the council to take action.

One, Paddy Baxter, tweeted the Evening Times to say his car had been damaged by a South Side pothole he dubbed "the Mariana Trench".

He said: "When I get my car back from the garage after the Mariana Trench on the junction of Govan Road and Paisley Road West gubbed it, I'll use the bill for scale."

Paddy later got back in touch to say the repair cost him £125.

There is a £1000 reward for the person who spots the city's largest pothole - the winner will receive new tyres for their car up to that value.

We have been flooded with tips but we need you to send us your photographs of the deepest craters and widest holes.

Andrew Adams told us online that: "Edzell Street and Northinch Street and South Street in Whiteinch are the worse streets and Glasgow ."

William Laird added: "The cold weather shows up where shoddy repairs have been done.

"Typically, this is where the original pothole was not properly squared off and cleaned out, the new material compacted adequately and the edges sealed (correctly).

"I know the guys are under pressure to get things done asap but it's a false economy.

"It's bad enough in a car on some of our roads, but just try cycling."

Now we've checked out the South Side of the city we want to hear from other areas.

How bad are the East End and West End - and what's happening in the North of Glasgow?

Have you seen Glasgow's biggest pothole?

We need you to take a photograph of the damage using an item such as a ruler - or a copy of the Evening Times - for scale and send it to us via direct message on our Facebook page.

Alternatively, email your pothole to, or tweet it using the hashtag #spothole.

Give us your name, the location of the pothole, its size and tell us how long it's been there. The pothole we deem to be the most dangerous based on size, location and length of time unresolved will win the prize.

We will print your name with your picture.

Community Contribution

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Contributed by Fiona Souter

These are 2 together on Royston Rd at St Philamena’s Chapel. I ran over them in the dark Tuesday night 9th January. As you can see they are huge and filled with water which makes it even harder to see, at least 3” of water another 2” to road level = 5”deep. Something needs to be done. Im raging as my Road Tax is due Febuary, what are we paying it for.

Community Contribution

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Contributed by John Carlile

The road outside my work on Barfillan drive in craigton , 4 very large potholes all in a very short space , already £100 out of pocket on a new tyre this year , disgraceful paying road tax to receive this service
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