New homes will be built on the former Victoria Infirmary site despite concerns over the development.

Sanctuary Homes were given the green-light to start building 413 flats, offices and retail units yesterday.

It was confirmed that the iconic Nightingale Pavilions and grade B listed former administration block will be retained during the build.

And Sanctuary are to hoping pay £700,000 to the council to compensate for the lack of a children’s play area in the plans.

But planning chiefs were told that those moving into affordable homes on the site would face a 23-space parking shortfall.

In response, Councillor Allan Casey said: “The only concern I have is with the parking. There is a lack of free spaces for the social housing where the private houses will have one space. As we know some of these will have two cars.

The level of car ownership will be similar to other developments. I see significant constraints on new developments within the city.

“Any time I’ve been on Langside Road is seems really busy. My concern is that it’s going to add significant pressure to the area and the surrounding streets.”

Planning committee member Malcolm Cunning hit back at those comments, claiming that the site was at the hub of Glasgow’s transport network.

He said: “The train station, even if you had a limp, is within five minutes of the homes.

“It’s a significant site within the area.

“The promise of significant development here keeps smaller businesses going. We need to see this development going ahead in terms of the vibrancy of the area.”

Dr Martin Bartos had proposed that members rejected the plans. But he was voted down as his fellow councillors voted 11-3 in favour of approving the development.

That came despite concerns being raised by the Victoria Forum - a body representing the area’s community councils – about a deteriorating quality of life.

Evelyn Silber, the group’s chairwoman pointed to new developments on Mansionhouse Road and the former Scottish Power site in the area as proof of “congestion”.

The community councils had called for houses to be built alongside the flats as well as new pedestrian crossings, a children’s play area and a social space for residents.

Within the plans, there are 76 one-bedroom flats, with 274 two-bedroom units, 51 with three bedrooms and 12 four-bedroom homes.

Sanctuary have set aside provision for 135 of those flats to become available as affordable housing units.

Peter Martin, Sanctuary’s group director of development, said: “We are delighted to receive planning permission for our vision to bring the former Victoria Infirmary site back to life.

“We thank Glasgow City Council for supporting this vision and for recognising the benefits Sanctuary’s project will have for Langside. To be trusted to rejuvenate such an iconic site with more than 400 new homes is very exciting.

“Our plans for the former Victoria Infirmary site demonstrate Sanctuary’s continued commitment to Glasgow and will see us invest many millions of pounds in the city.”