THESE photos show the staggering transformation of a badly mistreated dog who is now enjoying her new life 1,500 miles away in Glasgow.

Lena was used as a “breeding machine” by her owners in Hungary, who dumped her when she could no longer produce a litter.

By this point, the poorly Shar Pei was malnourished and suffering from a number of infections.

She was taken to a kill shelter and faced a heartbreaking end to her life - until the Shar Pei Rescue Scotland team stepped in to help.

Kind-hearted members raised enough money to pull her from the shelter and into foster home.

The small charity then arranged her paperwork and she travelled to Glasgow to begin her new life with Gina McCallum.

Lena, now around six-years-old, is almost completely unrecognisable from when she arrived in Scotland 16 months ago.

She has put on weight, got over her skin issues and undergone entropion operation on her eyes so she can see properly for the first time in years.

Gina, who runs the SPRS, said: “Lena is a beautiful dog and it is amazing how loving she is considering her appalling background.

“We were sent details and photos of her in a kill shelter in Hungary and we had to help.

“The poor girl had been used for litter after litter and once she couldn’t produce any more puppies that was enough for them.

“She was malnourished, covered in ticks and was suffering from mange, an ear infection and needed entropion treatment on her eyes.

“These kill shelters are horrible. It’s where unwanted, poorly dogs which are dumped or discovered on the street go off to die and we do our best to save them.

“Our members helped raise enough money to pull her from the shelter and place her with a foster in Hungary where she could get some rest and treatment while we arranged her safe transport to the UK.

“I’ve had her for 16 months now and she is a wonderful dog.”

The Shar Pei Rescue Scotland helps dog in the most desperate of situations - animals which have suffered in the UK and abroad.

They are currently in the process of saving another ill-treated female Shar Pei which is currently languishing in a Serbia kill shelter.

The rescue has named her Iona and it is thought she is about four-years-old and, like Lena, she was used as a breeding machine.

They only have until Friday to raise the initial £500 to save Iona.

Gina said: “There is a problem with unscrupulous breeders from across Europe illegally smuggling puppies into the UK.

“The breeders are using dogs like Lena and Iona to have litter after litter and once they’re no longer any use they are dumped.

“They’re living creatures and the treatment they go through so people can make money is disgraceful.

“At the SPRS we do our best to help make these dogs’ lives better.

“We are always on the looks out for help - from fosterers and adopters to people who get involved with fundraising and donations.”

Other charities like Dogs Trust have been working hard to combat puppy smuggling in the UK.

Around six per cent of the puppies which are discovered by authorities sadly die and many arrive in the UK just a few weeks old, when they still need their mother.

The puppies are then sold to unsuspecting Brits who, in many cases, are left heartbroken when they find their badly bred dogs - often designer breeds like bulldogs, French bulldogs and Shar Pei - die young and suffer multiple health issues due to their poor start to life.

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