SCOTT ARFIELD says that he is proud to be Steven Gerrard’s first signing for Rangers, and he expects that the arrival of the Liverpool legend will entice other players from England to follow him north to the Scottish Premiership.

The 29-year-old put pen to paper on a four-year deal at Ibrox yesterday after his contract at English Premier League side Burnley expired, and he is excited by the prospect of being a part of Gerrard’s new era at the club.

He also can’t wait to soak up as much as he can from the man he calls his hero, and is delighted to be the first of the new arrivals to check in under the new Rangers boss as he looks to bring success back to the Glasgow giants.

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“Of course, there is pride to have that [being Gerrard’s first signing],” Arfield said. “It’s great that he had green-lighted the signing – I’m buzzing.

“I also think it is only going to go one way because these are exciting times and I fully think this club is going to be so successful.

“Ever since you know he was coming in, you are just waiting for it to be confirmed. Of course, the stature of people coming to Scotland, it entices you to come back up here.

“I always think down there [in England] that Scottish football doesn’t get the credit it deserves. There’s always the stigma that it’s two clubs, but it’s not.

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“Obviously, with someone of his criteria coming up here, it’s so much more appealing for players to come up to this league.

“Working for Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister is going to be fantastic, there are exciting times ahead. Steven Gerrard will definitely attract top players – but I think Rangers already had that appeal because they are a top club.

“I think it enhances the situation, but the stature of the club is already there.”

Arfield says that it the arrival of Gerrard at Rangers has had a positive effect on the reputation of Scottish football as a whole already beyond these borders, and that he could feel the ripples of excitement around his appointment even when down in Burnley.

He believes too that someone of Gerrard’s standing is perfectly suited to taking on the job as manager of such a huge club, despite his inexperience in coaching.

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“There was a feeling of the effect of the [Gerrard] appointment down there,” he said. “Obviously, geographically, I was quite close to it and it’s the perfect job. The stature of him suits a club of this stature.

“It would have been almost quite easy for someone like Steven Gerrard to go to a League One or a League Two club, or maybe Championship or bottom half of the Premier League.

“But jumping in here, it just suits everyone and gives everyone a buzz.”