A MAN caught with 31g of cocaine on his couch has had his taxi driver’s licence taken off him.

Edward McGlinchey appeared before the Licensing and Regulatory Committee to renew his black cab licence.

The 55-year-old said he took the blame for the Class A find in 2015 after police searched his house, despite claiming it was not his.

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Most councillors on the committee were unhappy with his explanations to several concerns they raised and ended his 30-year taxi career.

Councillor Graham Campbell said: “This is about whether we can trust you. The more you have said the less you have convinced me. You need to convince us you have learned from this incident.”

In 2014, Mr McGlinchey’s house was searched when police obtained a warrant, and upon inspection they discovered a bag of cocaine.

Due to it being his property, he said he took the blame for the discovery, but insisted it was not his, but another person in the house.

Despite claiming he had a good case for being found not guilty, Mr McGlinchey decided not to go to trial because he had a holiday booked on the same date.

At one stage, Espeth Kerr questioned: “Is your livelihood not more important than a holiday?”

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The Penilee man was fined £450 under the Misuse of Drugs Act at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Mr McGlinchey asked to be judged on his long unblemished service and not the incident, his first offence.

He said: “I’m not a bad person, I see no reason why you can’t continue to trust me.”

He was banned despite resistance from councillors Hanif Rajah and James Coleman.