An altercation between two men, one of which was carrying what appeared to be a sword, was caught on camera by onlookers who filmed the scene from their window. 

On Friday night the alarm was raised in Castlemilk by locals who called the police after it was reported that a man was on Lainshaw Drive brandishing some sort of weapon.

Now-removed footage of the scene had been shared, which showed the man chasing another man down the street with what looks like a sword.

The two men circled a green car which stopped at traffic lights and the man being chased appeared to throw a bottle at the man with the weapon before running off. 

The cops could then be seen swooping on the scene as the armed man fled the scene into a wooded area.

It was reported on Friday that a police helicopter was deployed to the scene but the search was negative and they received no reports of injuries. 

The force added that they had received no reports of assaults in the area.