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A Place of Sheer Magnificence

Sparkling sunshine, yellow desert sands and a breathtaking underwater world, Egypt really does have it all in the holiday stakes. Not only does this magnificent country have everything you could possibly want from a beach holiday, it is also brimming with culture and tradition. There is a fine selection of various resorts that you could head to on your Egypt holidays and Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best. Situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula this resort is the most commercial whilst still managing to hold on to the Egyptian culture that charms as well as intrigues us.

The selection of hotels that are available for you to choose from is truly indulgent with many world renowned hotel chains offering 4* and 5* accommodation within the resort. Elegance and luxury oozes from every hotel with beauty salons, spas and well equipped gyms being the norm here along with well tended gardens and upmarket decor. Many of the hotels in Sharm el Sheikh are located on their own private stretches of sand and those that are not still usually have access to private beaches and offer shuttle busses too and from. Even if the beach is not usually your thing it is definitely worth a visit during your holidays to Sharm el Sheikh if only to have a stroll out to sea on one of the many jetties's that are dotted along the coast. Snorkelling and scuba diving within the resort is high up on most people's agendas as the Red Sea is renowned as having some of the best under water marine life in the world. There is an array of excursions geared around the captivating coral reefs ranging from glass bottom boat trips to full PADI approved diving lessons to help you become one with the underwater magnificence that is the Red Sea.

Away from the beaches and hotel facilities there is so much more to offer and the centre of this bustling resort, Naama Bay is an absolute must. An abundance of delicious eateries awaits you in this vibrant centre offering everything from a quick take-a-way to an indulgent meal of freshly caught sea food or mouth watering Arabian cuisine. There is even a Hard Rock Cafe sporting a pale pink Cadillac out front for light-hearted and fun photo opportunities. Outdoor cafes line the main pedestrianised street where locals and tourists alike sit on chic leather seats or giant colourful floor cushions smoking traditional Shisha pipes and watching the world go by. The outdoor bazaars and indoor shopping centres here in Naama Bay are the perfect place for picking up some great bargains and mementoes of your amazing holidays to Sharm el Sheikh. Here it is custom to haggle for everything you purchase from artistic papyrus and designer leather goods to brightly coloured fragrant spices and handmade crafts. Naama Bay really comes alive later in the evening with a handful of pumping nightclubs such as Pacha and Little Buddah that attract world class DJ's as well as some chic Egyptian clubs with varied music and sashaying belly dancers.

Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh are not complete without taking up at least one fantastic excursion during your stay. The Quad Safari is a great choice for adrenaline junkies giving you the chance to whizz through the dessert at high speed wearing headropes to stop the sand whipping up into your face. You get to stop off at a Bedouin tent for a break and light refreshments before driving back at sunset to top off an amazing experience.

A trip to St Catherine's Monastery gives you the chance to soak up some Egyptian history dating back to the Roman times without venturing too far from the resort. You get to see the world famous burning bush, Charnel house and Icon gallery of the Monastery before enjoying a delicious lunch in the city and stopping off for a tour of nearby Dahab on your return. Other great excursions on offer here include stargazing, camel trekking, tours of nearby resorts and the option of visiting Cairo and Luxor.

No matter what you want from a holiday Sharm el Sheikh really does offer something for everyone and the friendliness and warmth of the locals just adds to the charm of this spectacular resort.