A Deliveroo worker was left gobsmacked when he had his bike stolen by a cruel thief in the middle of his shift - just moments after he had fallen off it. 

Robin Hirst, 27, was delivering food from Italian restaurant Prezzo at 8pm on April 10 when he tumbled off his £375 yellow and silver Boardman Hybrid Comp bike. 

Upon arriving at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nottingham city centre, where he was dropping off the food, Robin went inside to clean up his nose bleed. 

But when he arrived back outside, he was stunned to see an opportunistic, cap-wearing man making off with the bike, which he had bought just three weeks earlier. 

Yesterday (Tue) Robin said: "I had only been inside a minute or two but when I came out, someone was there with my bike. I ran out as quickly as I could but he was riding off. 

"He looked up at me from outside the hotel as he was taking it. 

"I tried to chase him down the road but he rode off quite fast. 

"I bought the bike purely for my job because it's nice to ride. The company ones are OK but I'd rather have my own back. 

"It has a bottle holder and a black and orange phone holder below the handle bars, as well as a pump below the saddle. 

"I had just bought some brand new Shimano pedals with cleats. The handle bars are straight as it's a hybrid bike. 

"Also the front wheel has one spoke which is slightly bent from when I damaged it prior to it being stolen." 

Robin, of Sherwood, Nottingham, has been working with Deliveroo for the past two months. 

He is now using one of the company bikes and is offering a £50 reward for anyone who can find his bike. 

Robin claims that the person who stole the bike was a white male, about 5ft 11in and was wearing a baseball cap, hoodie and jeans at the time. 

Nottinghamshire Police are investigating the theft. 

A force spokeswoman said: "Police were called to a report of a pedal cycle stolen from Magnus Road in Nottingham city centre at around 8pm on Monday, April 10."