Not an hour goes by that a video doesn’t come along and take the internet by storm.

However, this one has well and truly split the net as the debate rages on over who was in the right and who was wrong.

Posted onto Twitter, the jaw-dropping footage shows a male bouncer and drunk female clubber in an altercation in the street.

The woman goes to punch the bouncer and she misses, but he hits her back in the face and does not miss as she just about regains her balance.

The incident was filmed in Mathew Street in Liverpool and was posted onto Twitter on Monday by user @Kirsty_mac88.

It is not yet known who actually filmed the clip.

Debate, however, is continuing to rage on over whether the doorman was right or wrong to lift his hand to the woman.

Twitter users for the attack described how the bouncer “was in the right.”

“She wanted to try and attack him and he landed a naughty right, good on him,” wrote one person, while another said: “Absolutely bang on the money. Act like a bloke, get treated like one. Feminism eh? Apparently only works one way. He defended himself.”

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Another user, who claimed to be a doorman, added: “If u hit like a man expect to get smacked like one don’t try playing the hard man then cry like a little girl when things don’t go your way

“I’m a doorman. I’d have done the same as that guy - man or woman - throw a punch at me you get one back, simple as.”

Others hit back at supporters of the male. Another doorman wrote: “As an ex doorman myself, this is f****in disgusting, not enough characters to go into it as it’s just shocking. Hope she’s ok. Just no need.”

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Another said: “Size of him he could’ve held her off, lucky she didn’t fall back and smack her head or he might’ve been on a manslaughter charge.”

A woman from Crewe who says she is the woman in the video has since come forward to defend her actions and give some background on what happened.

She said: “You don’t know happened before the video. He’s a silly man with no respect or life morals. Dragged me out by my legs for dancing on a table.

Evening Times:

“He didn’t even ask me to get off or leave - he instantly dragged me off the table by my legs and through the pub and down the steps.

“Why do you think someone recorded? Because he was in the wrong initially. They’d seen what went on before this very short 10-second video.”

She added: “I was so drunk. I’m glad I stood up for myself. Wish the whole thing was on video as he was totally in the wrong.”

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