The internet has reacted with rage after a dog was found wandering in park with a series of horrific injuries as a result of awful abuse.

Crowfoot Kennels in Derbyshire made the announcement on its social media pages this week which quickly gathered hundreds of reactions from angry dog-lovers.

The kennel described how the dog had “severe burns” on its back as a result of having “something chucked down” it.

Listing the catalogue of shocking treatment the pooch received, the rescue team said in a complete statement: “This poor dog has been picked up and has been taken straight to the vet as it had some really nasty injuries.

Evening Times:

“The vets think it has had something chucked down its back and it has severely burned it in patches. The hair may not grow back.

“They also thinking it has been kicked or punched in the face resulting in it having a very swollen black eye.

“The vets have given it antibiotics, pain relief, and eye drops. They are going to monitor its burns and swollen black eye.

“It’s got to go to the vet everyday until it starts to improve.

“This dog is so sweet-natured considering what it has been though these last couple of days.

“We are not going to release the sex of the dog at the moment due to the injuries it has received.”

Social media reports have suggested the dog will go into the care of the person who found it.