A Falkirk woman is wishing she hadn't applied fake tan before heading out to her gym session.

Eve Mallon lathered herself with self-tanning lotion, pulled on her leggings and off she went. However, when she got home she discovered she had the Adidas trademark logo branded on her legs.

Thankfully Eve could see the funny side as she posted a picture of her awesome fake tan fail on Twitter.

She wrote: "That’s the last time a work out with tan on btw ahahah"

Eve's hilarous post has been retweeted nearly five thousand times and it has generated more than 42 thousand likes.

Even Adidas commented on her picture.

However, it seems Eve isn't the only one who has encountered an Adidas beauty blunder as another Twitter user posted a picture of her leg with a similar fake tan fail.

Eden Chicken Tweeted a picture of her fake tan faux pas with the caption, "hahahaha same".