Sadistic race hate killer Imran “Baldy” Shahid has taken prison chiefs to court after his penis pump was confiscated. 

The violent inmate claims he requires the sex aid after taking a bad reaction to Viagra pills he had been using to treat erectile dysfunction.

He is serving a 25-year prison sentence at HMP Grampian in Peterhead for the brutal killing of 15-year-old schoolboy Kriss Donald.

Evening Times:

Pictured: Schoolboy Kriss Donald

He was locked up in 2004 after he led a gang who abducted the teenage schoolboy, because he was white,  near his home in Glasgow's south side. 

The gang drove him around for hours before stabbing him 13 times and set him alight while he was still alive.

It is understood Shahid printed a copy of the prison’s rules and took it to court to win his penis pump case. 

Evening Times:

Pictured: Imran “Baldy” Shahid

The Press and Journal report that he told the court: “It does not say anywhere that the governor has the right to query that.

"I’m being superseded by a governor who has zero medical experience.

“They are simply not allowed to do that.”

He complained he had been forced to use viagra pills which were causing bad side effects. 

The court heard the penis pump was removed because it was not medically necessary. 

The prison governor's lawyer Ross Fairweather said: "While it may not be a security risk, it is not medically necessary.”