X FACTOR winner Matt Cardle popped into Smooth Radio while promoting his album Letters and I managed to grab a chat with the lovely man.

I asked Matt what it was like doing a promotional tour and getting to meet fans and the people who voted him the winner on The X Factor?

Matt said: "It's great. I love to travel around, I love to get out and I love to see the people who have been supporting me, you know like yourselves on the radio and the fans – I love promoting.

"It's not that I love talking about myself, but I do love talking about music and that's what we're doing."

I wondered how had Matt's life changed in the last year, since winning The X Factor?

He said: "Incredibly as you know. Now finally I've been given the opportunity to make something of myself in the industry and people have finally taken my voice seriously and my song-writing seriously which is really important to me."

I asked Matt how it felt, with his tour coming up soon, to know he was going to be playing to audiences coming to a gig, especially to see him.

"I just feel very lucky and thankful that people want to come and watch me play and I just want to give them 100% every night."

Matt is an artist who writes his own songs and plays his own instruments; I asked if he thought he had broken the mould when it comes to your typical X Factor winner.

He said: "I don't think I did anything intentional. I did fight on the show to play my guitar.

"Certain people wanted me to do it; a lot of people didn't trust that I could or that I should, so I had a battle on my hands. I know what the score is with X Factor and what usually the routine is, but was determined to be myself post the show."

I'VE been a keen user of Twitter for a couple of years, but it'll take me decades to catch up with Lady Gaga when it comes to followers; the Bad Romance singer now has 20 million.

That makes her easily the biggest name on that site – and she has more than 48 million fans on Facebook.

Luck beat Fear

GLASGOW dancers Fear of the Unknown were unlucky on TV talent show, Got to Dance.

They made it to the final three in last weekend's live show, but they didn't pick up the £250,000 prize – won by Irish dance group Prodijig.

And little Mya McDade, stage name Sweet Surprise, must have made her parents so proud.

Mya, just 7, from Blantyre, got the Kane household vote, inspiring my six-year-old daughter to dance around the living room and ask for extra dance classes.