SO can anyone ever say for sure if blondes have more fun?

Well I've decided to give the golden locks another try and find out.

Over the years my hair has been a variety of colours, from black, red and that one time I accidentally dyed my hair green on holiday and bore an uncanny resemblance to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

I've always been fascinated with my hairdo and when I was younger I would often change my look depending on who my favourite actress was at the time, I mean who didn't want the Rachel from Friends haircut in 1995, right?

I twice offered to cut friends and family's hair, which unfortunately both ended in total disaster, the first being my sister who wanted a fringe cut, and that went so wrong.

I ended up using my mum's electric razor to just shave off the botched fringe attempt, resulting in my 13-year-old sister sprouting a tuft of hair on her forehead which took about three years to grow back.

Not a single picture exists of her between the age of 13 and 16 without her wearing a hat.

The second Edward Scissorhands' job was on my friend Linda, when we were 19.

I offered to cut her shoulder-length hair into a bob and unfortunately never quite managed to get each side level.

The haircut was so bad that she eventually went to a hairdresser and was advised that the only option available was to shave it off and start again, which is exactly what she did.

As you can imagine I wasn't hugely popular with my dear old friend after that, but in time – two years to be exact – she forgave me.

I now leave the hairdressing to the professionals, like Taylor Ferguson in Bath Street in Glasgow.

He is responsible for my new blonde bombshell look and as a result I feel it is my duty to don a red swim suit and start running down Ayr beach in true Pamela Anderson style to see what all the fuss is about.

I am, of course, joking, as I would never do that to you, although the mere thought of Baywatch reminds me that I'm still holding out for a duet with the David Hasselhoff, yes that one is most definitley on the blonde bucket list.

I was hugely honoured to be asked, along with many other well kent Scottish faces, to participate in the new Equality Network's Equal Marriage video, which is now available to view online at

I am 100% in favour of all citizens of our fair country having the right to marry whoever they choose and sincerely hope the Government does the right thing and makes this a reality, because Scotland, it's time.

I just want to send my little sister Lynsey and her wonderful fiancé Tony Callaghan all the love in the world for their big day tomorrow as after 15 years of being a fabulous couple they are now about to become man and wife.

I'm sure in true McManus style it will be a corker of a day and can't wait for dad's father of the bride speech.