EACH week the Evening Times will throw the spotlight on one of the dozens of new businesses determined to succeed.

They are the future for Glasgow and the west of Scotland's economy and are working hard to achieve success in the face of continuing economic hardship.

Many new businesses are struggling to take off because of the economic downturn, and this new column will offer advice for potential start-ups.

Each company will answer the same questions about their business and their answers will appear in the Evening Times each Wednesday.

This week we talk to Stephen King, creator and company director of Reunitems.com

What does your business do?

We are the virtual storeroom for everything you ever lost - all in one place.

A place where individual good Samaritan finders can list what they've found and public venues and commercial businesses like nightclubs and sports venues can list all the items they hold in their lost property cupboards and cloakrooms, offering reassurance and a speedy, hassle-free experience to their customers.

Where families can find heirlooms – items actually held and owned by their forefathers, and can access these using a simple name search – a Genealogical Archive is incorporated here attracting thousands of family historians.

Sandwiched between both these areas of interest is a Retro, Antiques & Collectables area where lovers of all things retro and historical can pick up a bargain or users can sell old items. What makes this site unusual is that we encourage gifting of items and donations when items are returned to rightful owners.

All lost items in the Lost & Found area are listed and returned at no cost and in the other areas you can buy, bid or even be gifted items.

Where are you based?

Thanks to the generosity of Sir Willie Haughey we have been provided with office space at Entrepreneurial Spark in the Gorbals.

This is provided free to help us build the company and we are supported by the fabulous team at Entrepreneurial Spark.

How did you get started? A professional genealogist, I discovered my grandfather, a survivor of the Battle of the Somme in the First World War had been awarded a watch by a German officers family after he rescued him when he was shot in the back while approaching the Connaught Rangers trench waving a white handkerchief.

The watch was sent to the Regimental barracks and he never saw it.

I discovered no name search options existed to repatriate people with their pre-owned and missed or missing items.

To fund the build of the site I sold my precious Myrtle – my 1973 VW camper, and created Reunitems.com.

What is your background

I have mainly worked in youth initiatives for charities, with young runaways, young homeless people and I also created and directed for 13 years at the Toonspeak Young People's Theatre.

What is your top tip?

Business: always seek out quality!

Life: Your generosity will come back to you and bring balance to your life.

How long has your business been running?

Just over a year.

Has anyone helped you get started and how? Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network and my mentor Rob Shaw gave me the first valuable leg up towards making my business viable.

My own sacrifice in parting (we will be repatriated one day) with Myrtle has recently been matched by the fabulous focusing support given by the team at Entrepreneurial Spark!