1 That Sinking Feeling (1980) John Gordon Sinclair and pals come up with the idea of stealing stainless steel sinks and selling them.

2 Young Adam (2003) Ewan McGregor discovers a body while sailing his barge along the Forth and Clyde Canal.

3 Seaward the Great Ships (1961) Documentary about Clyde shipbuilding.

4 Small Faces (1996) Joe McFadden, Kevin McKidd and others as members of Glasgow gangs.

5 Angels' Share (2012) Paul Brannigan sets out on a quest to steal whisky.

6 Comfort and Joy (1984): Bill Paterson as a DJ, who gets caught up in the city's ice-cream wars.

7 My Name is Joe (1998) Peter Mullan as a recovering alcoholic who falls in love with his social worker.

8 On A Clear Day (2005) Mullan as an ex-shipyard worker who decides to swim the English Channel.

9 Red Road (2006) Set at the Red Road flats, it tells the story of a council CCTV operator.

10 Heavenly Pursuits (1986) Tom Conti as a teacher whose pupils are searching for miracles to promote a saint.